Asthma Management

5 minutes is all it may take to improve your asthma inhaler technique and help ensure you are getting the most from your asthma medication so you can gain better control of your asthma. Better control results in fewer sick days, less hospitalisations and less asthma attacks.

Over 2.2 million people have asthma in Australia and approximately 80% of those who use inhaler medication do not use it correctly. It has been shown that a brief verbal instruction on correct technique, combined with a physical demonstration, is effective at improving clinical outcomes when repeated over time.

If you take medication for asthma, come in and see our pharmacists who are trained and qualified to assess your asthma inhaler technique. They will demonstrate the correct technique, assess yours, and selected stores will provide you with a personalised sticker for your inhaler with helpful reminders on any areas you may need help with. 

To see if your local Discount Drug Store offers this service, search the store listing or contact them today.