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At Discount Drug Stores we have every baby's needs covered. Our baby range includes a broad range of nutritious baby formulas which support regular growth and development throughout multiple early life stages.

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We all know that breast is best when it comes to feeding. The World Health Organisation recommends that women exclusively breastfeed for six months and continue to breastfeed until their baby is 12 months old Breastfeeding provides many benefits for mum and bub, but there are times when breastfeeding may not be ‘working’. Whether it’s sore, cracked nipples, or because mum might not be producing enough milk, formula feeding can provide an alternative.
We offer you the choice of specific and specialised brands and products which you know and trust, as well as thickeners which can help to manage reflux and regurgitation.

Order your baby's nutritional needs online and choose from among Australia's most trusted baby and early development brands.  Our product range includes the first stage solution for newborn infants from brands like Nan and S26 through to multi-stage development needs for crawlers and toddlers.

Choosing the right balance of vitamins and minerals helps healthy development of your child.  The right formulation of essential vitamins and minerals can also help to develop strong immune systems, and bright and creative minds.

Managing a solid and healthy weight gain is the first requirement and our nutrient rich baby formulas offer a varied rate of weight development and steady growth depending on your child's needs.  Also select from a range of specialised baby formulas designed to aid in the prevention of common feeding problems among infants like the treatment and management of colic and reflux.  

We also offer a complete organic solution for toddlers as well as targeted mineral and vitamin rich products to continue to aid in the healthy growth and development of young children all the way up to school age.

We have all your baby formula and feeding needs available online from Discount Drug Stores.