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Discount Drug Stores has your tan sorted with a great range of fake tan creams, mousses and gels, all available to order online from our Discount Drug Stores online chemist.

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Tanned skin can even out skin tones across the body, hide any number of skin flaws you don't want to advertise, and make you feel like a million dollars.

Developing a tan over the summer is not only dangerous but time consuming and limited to the length of sunlight you're exposed to.  The simplest, safest and easiest method of maintaining that year-round sun kissed look is with a fake tan treatment from Discount Drug Stores.

Whether you're looking to target your legs, your face, or you want an all over body treatment, we have the best range of products and tanning accessories to ensure your skin tone is exactly right.

Choose from among our great fake tan products which produce an instant, natural looking skin tone through either gel, mousse, or airbrush application for that truly flawless look.  

Our tan removers are perfect for keeping the bed sheets free from colour smearing and saving the whites in your wardrobe from stains.  Applied before or during your shower, with a specialised glove or body mitt, your fake tan doesn't have to be permanent and you don't have to wait for it just to fade on its own.

For those preferring a gradual tanned look, chose from among our slow tan gels which give you a natural looking boost to you skin tone each day until you achieve the precise shade you're looking for.  Easy and effortless, applying your gradual fake tan takes no longer than a regular body moisturising session.

Available across a range of specialty products developed for every conceivable skin tone and sensitivity, with Discount Drug Stores you'll have the perfect sun glow you're looking for in next to no time.