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Compounding is an age old art where your Pharmacist ‘makes from scratch’ and customises your medicine. There are a significant number of people who would benefit from these tailor-made medicines.

Compounding can provide:

  • Medicines delivered in dosage forms not commercially available (e.g. lollipops for children, liquids for people who can’t swallow tablets)
  • More palatable medicine - we can change the flavour!
  • Medicine for those who have allergies (e.g. lactose, gluten)
  • Medications not available or that have been discontinued
  • Differing strengths not commercially available, to ensure you are receiving the optimal dose
  • Select Discount Drug Stores who offer compounding can work closely with you and your Doctor to find the perfect solution for you and this doesn’t just apply for humans. We can also compound veterinarian scripts for those fussy pets.

Our compounding Pharmacists are experienced and specially trained to be able to tailor your medication.

If you are having trouble with your medicine – we may have the solution. Talk to us today about customising your medicine.

To see if your local Discount Drug Store offers this service, search our store locator and contact them today.