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Discount Drug Stores has made health management easy for you and your family with our new app.

You’ll have a host of handy features at your fingertips, like:

  • Easily connect to your local Discount Drug Stores Pharmacy Team.
  • ‘Take-My-Meds’, reminding you when to take medications and at what dose.
  • Know when you’re about to run out of medication, or when medication is overdue.
  • *‘GP Link’, linking you directly to your GP for easy repeat requests.
  • Choose to ‘Order Now’ or ‘Snap-n-Send’ to order your medications rather than standing in a queue.
  • ‘Carer Mode’ to help those who care for others by allowing them to see multiple medication profiles from a single account.

*Your GP must be signed up to MedAdvisor’s GP Link service for this feature

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