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What is our price matching policy?
In the event where our price is greater than a competitor’s everyday price or an advertised/promotional price, we will gladly match that price. The following conditions will apply:

  • Product must be identical (i.e. same brand, size, colour)
  • Advertised/promotional competitor pricing must be current
  • Product must be available from a local competitor
  • Postage/Delivery fees to be included when matching competitor prices
  • Proof of price is required

Where our in store price differs from an online price or price in another Discount Drug Store, we will also gladly match that price.



How do you calculate the save prices?
Save prices displayed on our online store are calculated based on our Discount Drug Stores standard pricing rather than the supplier suggested retail.  As Discount Drug Stores offers everyday low prices, you may find you save even more when compared to the supplier suggested retail price.  Save prices displayed in the catalogue artwork are calculated on the supplier suggested retail.



What is our refund policy?
We are pleased to offer our customers their choice of a refund, repair or replacement of an item if purchased at full or reduced price:

  • Is not of an acceptable quality; OR
  • Is not fit for the intended purpose; OR
  • Does not match the sample or description given

We appreciate that refunds or exchanges be made from the Discount Drug Store where the original purchase was made. We do regret that we cannot provide a refund(s) if you simply change your mind.

Note that in the interests of public health and safety, outside of your statutory rights, we are unable to provide a refund or exchange on any medications, vitamins, baby formula or therapeutic products.


How can I organise a refund?
To organise a refund, you will need to contact the Discount Drug Store pharmacy that you purchased from as soon as possible and quote your order number. If your refund request meets the criteria outlined in our Refund Policy, then the refund will be issued back to the credit card you used when purchasing. Please be aware that a credit card refund may take up to 3 days to appear on your card due to the processing time required by individual banks.

*Please be aware of our refund policy’s exclusion items. These include prescription items, medicines, vitamins and baby formula. If the order has already been posted, you will need to post it back at your own cost and your order will be refunded minus the original postage fee.


My Account

I forgot my password, what do I do?
If you’ve forgotten your password simply press the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link when you go to login and follow the directions.


How do I change my personal details?
If you need to change your personal details, simply go to “My Account” and edit any details that need updating.


Is your site secure?
Yes. Your personal details, address and purchase history will be stored in an internal firewall-protected private network, with all data transferred between your browser and the server encrypted under HTTPS. All your payments are processed by WestPac PayWay, an online payment processing service operated by the bank. We do not collect or store your payment details. Additionally, our website is protected by Web Application Firewall. 

My Order

Do you have limits on purchase quantities?
Yes, various products will have differing purchase limits depending on the type of product or stock available.

All Schedule 2 and Schedule 3 medications have defined purchase limits. These purchase limits have been applied in adherence to the guidelines set by the Pharmacy Board of Australia and the PSA’s Standards for the Provision of Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines in Community Pharmacy.

Discount Drug Stores reserves the right to monitor and limit the purchase amounts of products at its sole discretion. If you are ordering large quantities of products, your pharmacy may choose not to fulfill your order in its entirety. If this happens, your pharmacy will make contact with you to organize a refund on the items that cannot be supplied.


Pharmaceutical products
Due to the guidelines set by the Pharmacy Board of Australia and following the PSA’s Standards for the Provision of Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines in Community Pharmacy, Discount Drug Stores cannot provide multiple packs of Schedule 2 or Schedule 3 medicines (other than in exceptional circumstances) as this may be considered unprofessional conduct. If you require more than 1 pack of a Schedule 2 or Schedule 3 medicine you will need to contact your pharmacist.


What if I am after a product that is not listed on the website?
Each Discount Drug Store pharmacy is individually owned and many do stock additional ranges that are not listed on our website. If you cannot find what you are looking for online, simply contact your preferred pharmacy with your enquiry, and we will endeavor to locate the product for you.


Why are some items ‘PICKUP ONLY’?

    • Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods are any products that are flammable or are considered high risk. We are unable to post any dangerous goods including aerosols, fragrances and items containing batteries, due to Australia Post regulations.

    • Bulky Items

We are unable to post bulky items including nappies, baby formula, toilet paper and various other large items.

    • Select Prescriptions

We are unable to post certain prescriptions due to both Australia Post and healthcare regulations.

There are some medicines which contain controlled drugs or are considered drugs of concern e.g. morphine. We are legally required to provide counselling and additional information when supplying these items. A Pharmacist intervention may be required.

Prescription items such as syrups are legally required to leave the dispensary ready to be consumed with an expiry period of 7 days. Due to variable shipping times it would be unsafe to post these items.


Can I remove items from my order once it has been submitted?
Once you submit your order your credit card is charged. If you would like to remove an item from your order, you will need to contact your pharmacy and organise a partial refund. For more information, please see our refund policy.


Can I add items to an order once it has been submitted?
No. If you wish to add items to your order you will need to place a new order. If you have chosen postage and would like all these items to be posted together, then you will need to call the pharmacy you are purchasing from, quote your order number/s and advise the staff of your request.


How can I cancel my order?
Once you have submitted your order your credit card will be charged. To cancel your order you will need to contact the pharmacy you purchased from as soon as possible and quote your order number to receive a refund. Your refund will then appear on the credit card you used when purchasing.

For postage orders, please keep in mind that most orders will be packed and posted with 24-48 hours. If you wish to cancel an order once it has already been posted, you will need to post it back at your own cost and your order will be refunded minus the original postage fee.

Please note: your order number and the contact details for the pharmacy you purchased from can be found on your order confirmation email.


Can I change the delivery method of my order?
Yes. To change the delivery method of your order you will need to call the pharmacy you have purchased from as soon as possible, quote your order number and advise the staff of your request. If you are choosing to change your in store pick up order to postage, you will need to pay the $9 postage charge via credit card over the phone. If you are changing your postage order to in store pick up, the pharmacy will refund the postage fee paid.


What if the pharmacy is out of stock of an item I have ordered?
If your pharmacy is out of stock of an item you have ordered, they will contact you and offer the following solutions:

  • Arrange for the item to be ordered in
  • Offer you a suitable alternative item
  • Arrange for the order to be fulfilled by another pharmacy
  • Organize a refund on the out of stock item(s)


What form of ID will I need to collect my order in store?
You can bring either your email order confirmation that is sent upon completion of your order, or alternatively, you can present valid photo identification.


What if something is missing from my order? 
If you notice something is missing from your order you will need to contact the pharmacy within 3 days of receiving your delivery. The pharmacy will post the missing items at no additional charge, or provide a partial refund for the items not delivered.


How will this show up on my credit card statement?
This transaction will appear on your credit card statement as Toowong Discount Drug Store.


Is my order confidential?
Yes. Your order is only seen by Discount Drug Store staff while in the order fulfilment process. Your order information is not shared with any third party companies at any stage.


My Local Pharmacy

How do I find my closest pharmacy?
You can find your nearest pharmacy via our store locator.


What are the trading hours of my local pharmacy?
To find the trading hours of your pharmacy, simply find your store using the store locator and select “Store Details”.


What services are available at my local store?
For details about the professional services your store offers, simply find your store using the store locator and select “Store Details”.



Why do you need my Medicare details?
In Australia people pay different prices for their medication depending on their entitlement status. It is because of this that we require specific information such as your Medicare card number and/or any concession cards you may hold so we can ensure we charge you the correct price.


What is the PBS? 
The ‘PBS’ is an acronym for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and refers to the list of medicines the Commonwealth Government subsidises for Australian citizens and other citizens from different countries participating in Reciprocal Health Care Agreements.  For medication on the list the maximum that a general patient will pay in 2018 is $39.50 (and any additional brand price premiums set by the government) and a concession patient will pay $6.40 (and any additional brand price premiums set by the government).  These brand price premiums can be avoided by selecting the generic brand, as they do not have any surcharges.


How do I qualify for concession pricing?
To qualify for concession pricing you must be in possession of a valid concession or pension card issued by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs, or a CN / SN card (concession safety net card).  Please see below for accepted concessional cards:

Concessional Cards



Safety Net Cards

What is the safety net? 
The safety net is a scheme in place to reduce the amount of money Australian families spend on medications. Each calendar year once you reach a nominated amount you are issued with a safety net card (either a CN “concessional” card or an SN “safety net” card) and will receive your medication at a reduced cost for the rest of that year. See below for the 2018 cut offs:

  PBS 2018 Safety Net Threshold New Prescription Prices
General Patients $1,521.80 CN Card: $6.40 (+ Brand price premiums)
Concession Card Holders $384.00 SN Card: Free (+ Brand price premiums)


In order to obtain a safety net card you need to keep a record of your PBS medicine on a Prescription Record Form (PRF), which you can get from your pharmacy. Each time you have a PBS medicine supplied, give the form to the pharmacist so it can be recorded.   Alternatively your pharmacist can keep a computer record for you and you can request this at any time.  If you have a family, ask your pharmacist about combining the amounts recorded for your family Safety Net total.


When would my medication NOT count towards the Safety Net?
Your medication will not count if it is not listed on the PBS or if you get a PBS medicine too frequently (i.e. if you need to pick up your medication early – within 20 days).  The Australian government introduced a ‘20-day rule’ which states that you cannot count the value of a script towards the safety net if you have not had 20 days clear between dispensing (or 4 days for eye drops).  This has been done to ensure that the PBS remains affordable and people don’t stockpile medication.  If you need your medicine before 20 days has lapsed between getting your scripts filled, we can still do this for you but it will not contribute to your annual amount.


What is a ‘Private’ drug?
A private drug is one that is not listed on the PBS.  These drugs do not receive any subsidy from the government.  Some drugs listed on the PBS are below the current threshold (e.g. less than $39.50) and by selecting for them to be dispensed as a private script you can save money, as in most cases we can discount these lines.  By electing to have a drug dispensed as a private drug they then cannot be counted towards your safety net.


What is a generic brand and are they the same as the brand my Doctor prescribed? 
When a drug is released to the market there is a period of time where other companies cannot produce the same drug.  Once this period is over other companies can make and sell the drug.  Often these different brands are less expensive than the original brand and are called generics.  Generic brands are the same in terms of how they work in the body and the benefit you receive.  They must go through a series of tests and the manufacturers must prove to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) that this is the case.  Where they can differ is in the shape of the tablet / capsule, the name and the inert substances (not the active ingredient) that are used to colour the medication or hold the medication together.  Many generics on the market are actually made by the originator brand and hence are identical.


When can’t I have a generic brand?
We cannot supply a generic brand if the drug you have been prescribed does not currently have one or if your doctor has put a cross in the ‘Generic brand substitution prohibited’ box on your script.  We are unable to legally go against your doctor’s wishes and it is best to discuss any concerns you have about this with them at your next appointment.


Why can’t I buy multiple lots of medication?
For some medication it would be unethical for our Pharmacists to provide multiple packs as there could be a safety issue.  For other medications that are on the PBS the Commonwealth Government has a limit in place as to when you can refill your medication.  These limits are in place to stop the cost of the PBS spiralling due to ‘hoarding’ of medications that are sometimes not used.  If your script is endorsed ‘Reg 24’ then we can supply multiple packs of your medicine.


What is a regulation 24 script? 
If someone is going overseas, or for other reasons will experience hardship in obtaining their medication for a period of time, their doctor can endorse the script with ‘Reg 24’ meaning it is a regulation 24 script.  This regulation allows for Pharmacists to provide the initial supply of the medication and all of the repeats that have been issued by the prescriber.  Please note that your script does have ‘Reg 24’ in the comments section of your order if this applied to your order.


Can I fax or email my script to my store?
Yes, you can fax or email your script to your local store; however we are unable to dispense your medication until we receive the original prescription by mail or in person.


I need a tax invoice for my private health fund – how can I get one?
To obtain a tax invoice you can either write this in the comments section of your order or you can call the store direct.


I need an end of financial year tax report – how can I get one?
To obtain a tax report you can either write this in the comments section of your order or you can call the store direct.


I need a safety net printout – how can I get one?
To obtain a safety net printout you can either write this in the comments section of your order or you can call the store direct.


Am I able to leave my scripts on file with my local store?
Yes – we are more than happy to manage your prescriptions for you.  We can keep them on file and have them ready for you to collect or for us to deliver.  This will make the whole process quicker and you will never lose a script again!  We also have an SMS or email reminder system so you will never forget to fill your script either.


How long is a prescription valid for?
A prescription is valid for 1 year from the date of prescribing.