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We’re here to help you take the pain out of pain management. That’s why at Discount Drug Stores, our qualified pharmacists are available to provide strategies to help you manage your pain.

Our pharmacists can also liaise with your GP and other health professionals to help create the best pain management care plan, tailored to you.

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Don’t let pain management become a sore point

When it comes to managing pain, getting your medication right is not the only important aspect to consider. There are a many other things you can do to support your pain management and your Discount Drug Stores team is here to help!

Maintaining a healthy weight:

Pain can cause weight gain which could worsen your pain

Relaxation & stress management:

Stress can actually make your pain worse. Relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, practicing yoga or socialising with friends can help reduce pain.

Get active:

Not only will exercise increase muscle strength and joint movement, it will also decrease pain and promote better overall health.


Massage therapy may assist in providing pain relief. It may also reduce your risk of long-term distress or disability.

Stay hydrated:

Headaches are a common symptom of dehydration. Drinking plenty of water or rehydration fluids may assist with pain relief.

The impact of pain

If left untreated pain can lead to long term issues. Share your pain points with your Discount Drug Stores who will provide recommendations to help you manage your pain.

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