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Easy Meds Packs (also known as Dose Administration Aids) are prepared by your Pharmacist to assist you in remembering to take the correct medication on the correct days and at the correct time.

Each year approximately 140,000 people are admitted to hospital due to medication mismanagement. That’s why select Discount Drug Stores now stock Easy Meds Packs, a dose administration aid that makes your daily medication routine simple and hassle free, ensuring you get the right tablets at the right time.

Easy Meds Packs are perfect for people who:

  • are managing multiple medications
  • take their medications at different times of the day
  • take different doses on different days of the week, or
  • regularly forget to take their tablets, or take the same tablet twice because they forgot they already took it.

To see if your local Discount Drug Store offers this service, search our store locator and contact them today.