Specially formulated oral nutritional supplements, Glucerna and Ensure, are recommended by healthcare professionals to help people manage their health. While Glucerna can help minimise blood sugar spikes in people with diabetes, both provide 28 essential vitamins and minerals to help nutritionally support those recovering from illness, who have a poor appetite, or suddenly find cooking for themselves too much of a chore.

Delicious as well as nutritious, both Glucerna and Ensure are regularly featured on My Market Kitchen on Network Ten, where the resident food experts lovingly create a menu of delicious dishes and recipes using Glucerna and Ensure as essential ingredients.

You can add both Ensure and Glucerna to an entire range of nutritious and delicious ingredients to make a whole menu of delightful dishes, like Buckwheat Pancakes, Lupin Hummus Dip, Brocolli Rice Casserole, or Chicken Strogonoff. So if you think managing your dietary needs means a lifetime of dull or boring food, think again.

When used as part of your meal management plan, nutritious and delicious Glucerna or Ensure lets you indulge in some of the foods you love, knowing you are getting the complete, balanced nutrition you need every single day.

Just stir in and enjoy!

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