Optifast VLCD range products are meant to serve people who are looking to lose some weight through a low calorie diet. They offer low calorie soups, food bars, shakes, and desserts as a prominent part of their product range.

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Optifast range products include a whole set of quality products that have been offered with a complete safe dietary plan for the people who need to have a calorie controlled diet, while maintaining sufficient level of proteins and fibers in their meals. The products in the VLCD range have been formulated to match the taste and needs of a wide range of individuals who want to have a delicious, yet balanced support for their diet program. The whole product range includes high quality, well flavored and great tasting shakes, which can be a good source of of proteins and fibers, and they are very low in calories.The shakes come in various flavors including coffee, banana, chocolate, caramel, strawberry, and vanilla. They taste great and you can easily follow the given diet plan. Other components of the product range are the flavored soups in vegetable, chicken, and tomato flavors, offering a feeling of satisfaction with high protein and fiber content and very low calorie value. The other components of the Optifast weight loss VLCD product range are delicious food bars and multiple flavored desserts for those who want to cope with their diet plan while enjoying their favorite foods. The whole product range requires to have a proper prescription from a registered dietician or a practitioner before you start using any of the available products. It is not meant for kids, pregnant women, or elderly people.