Script Reminder Service

With our busy lives, it’s easy to forget to pick up your prescriptions before they run out. Medicines & prescriptions work best when taken as prescribed. Skipping a couple of days may not seem like a big problem, but depending on the medicine it could impact your health and wellbeing.

To assist you in managing your medication effectively, Discount Drug Stores offers a FREE Medication Management Program to all customers.  The Medication Management Program allows you to take control of your health.  Our program offers the following benefits:

  • Reminds you when your scripts are due via a convenient SMS, email or voicemail reminder
  • Reminds you when you need a new script
  • Offers you VIP service by ensuring your medication is ready & waiting for you when you arrive in the pharmacy, saving you time
  • We can keep your scripts on file so you’ll never lose or forget your script again
  • Assists with your safety-net entitlements
  • Keeps a record of your expenditure over the last 12 months in preparation for your tax return