Weight Management

Losing weight can be difficult and more people are seeking advice and assistance from their local pharmacy.

In addition to the variety of weight management products and services available through or stores, select Discount Drug Stores also offer a weight monitoring program where we help record and graph your weight loss.

Your local Discount Drug Store can be a great support to you in your weight loss challenge by:

  • Being easily accessible, confidential and trustworthy
  • Having trained professional staff to offer guidance
  • Providing advice on other medical conditions that might be affecting your weight loss
  • Helping you save money on weight management products, and by
  • Offering ongoing support

Losing weight can not only help you feel great, but may also provide some wonderful health benefits including an improvement in your glucose tolerance, blood pressure and cholesterol, thereby lowering your risk of heart disease.


For more information weight management please search the store listing or contact them today.